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Japan Airlines First Class Review Tokyo to Chicago 777-300ER

To finish off the Trip Around the World 2017, I flew First Class on Japan Airlines from Tokyo-Narita to Chicago ORD.


I booked this as an award ticket using 80,000 American Airlines Advantage Miles. I confirmed availability by looking at the British Airways website. There was only one seat available and I booked this 355 days in advance. So award availability is definitely tight. I called the American Airlines Australian Customer Service center to book the ticket. You cannot book online.


We took the Skyliner train to Tokyo Narita Airport in the morning

On-Board the Skyliner. 2-2 Configuration

We then made our way to the First Class Only Check-In area. Customer service is excellent. They apologized for making us wait about 10 seconds!

Front of First Class Only Check-In Area

Exiting from the First Class Check-In

We then made way to the First Class Lounge:

Entrance to the Lounge

The lounge was really empty. When we arrived, I think there were only 2 other people in the lounge at the moment. As time went by, people started to arrive in the lounge.

We Were The Only Passengers In The Dining Area


First Class Dining Area

The Lineup for the morning

It was buffet style dining in the lounge. The food was nothing special but got the job done.

Buffet Style Dining in the First Class Lounge

My Wife and I got some breakfast items

I enjoyed the Whole Body Massage Chair! Wish I would have found this earlier.

After I enjoyed the massage chair, we made our way to the boarding gate. Boarding was delayed about 15 mins. The boarding area started to get crowded with passengers wanting to board. One thing to note, First Class passengers don’t get there own boarding group. They are mixed in with elites. That was disappointing but it doesn’t matter in the end.


Boarding Area before the storm

Boarding Lane for First Class PAX and Elites

Boarding Area was packed after the 15min delay

777-300ER JA734J 12 Year Old Plane

Seat 2A

1-2-1 Configuration. Cabin Was Full

Seat Level View. Slippers Were Provided

View of The Runway

Time To Eat


For Dining, you can go with either the Western or Japanese Menu. I’m not a big seafood guy but I still went with the Japanese menu because well its Japan Airlines. I noticed though a lot of people in the cabin went with the Western Menu. One thing to note is the majority of the cabin was Japanese. I was the only foreigner in the cabin. Which makes sense because I would assume foreigners would fly with a U.S carrier because they have status with them or the majority of their points are with a U.S carrier.

Ok enough of that, the Japanese and Western menu is below:

Japanese or Western Menu

Food Menu

Wine List


Salon 2006 Champagne! $400 a bottle. Only Airline to Serve This. I liked it better than Krug or Dom!

One of the Biggest Trays I have ever seen. Tons of Space

Appetizer with some Salon 2006 Champagne

Chop Sticks are provided

Seasonal Five Colorful Delicacies

Some more Salon please!

Owan – Japanese Clear Soup

Hair Crab Meat and Cold Steamed Egg Custard

“Wagyu” Beef Filet – Eggplant – Steamed Rice – Miso Soup and Japanese Pickles


Roppongi Pudding – “Wasanbon” Flavor Herb Ice Cream – Japanese Style Baked Pistachio Cake

Macaroons are given out mid-flight


2 hours before we land, we are served other meal:

Breaded Chicken sandwich with potato chips

Lamb with bread

Dessert – Sorry forgot exactly what was served but trust me it was good!

WOW! The food was amazing. Everything was delicious and also the presentation of the meals was excellent. The crew would explain everything that was served. They would check on me every 5 mins and always ensured I had a full glass of Salon 2006. An absolute great meal service.

The Seat


A VERY Large Tray

Many Seat Options to choose from

Seat Controls

Preset Seat Positions

IFE Remote – The Viewing Screen is Controlled from the IFE Remote

Laying Down in Bed after it was made with a hard mattress, pillow and blanket

View Laying Down

The Seat was excellent. There were plenty of storage options. The seat controls were great and everything was well placed.

The IFE worked well. You control the screen by using the remote and then anything you choose on the remote is shown on the full screen. Definitely not the most selections to choose from. but enough to choose from for an 11 hour flight.

The bed was super comfy! The flight attendants came by and made the bed for me. They asked me if I wanted a “soft” or “hard” mattress. I choose the “hard” mattress.They also give me a pillow and blanket. Unfortunately due to the timing of the flight, we left at 11am, I barely got about an hour of sleep on this 11 hour flight. But if it was a night time flight, I would have easily gotten a lot more hours of sleep.


Porche Amenity Kit

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Shiseido Products with Case

Complementary WIFI is given for FREE!

Speed is not fast. Just enough for browsing and sending emails

The amenities were great on this flight. Amenity kits were nice, even though I don’t really use them much. The Bose headphones were great. But what really stood out was the complimentary WIFI. I don’t understand why more airlines don’t do this in First Class. Nice for Japan Airlines to do this. Even though the speed was not fast, it was good enough for browsing and sending emails which is fine by me.


WOW, what a flight! I kept hearing great things about Japan First Class on the 777-300ER. But this still exceeded my expectations. The presentation of the delicious food, comfy bed, and customer service really stood out. The flight attendants were always ensuring I was comfortable and were super kind and courteous.

As the flight was about to end, the flight attendants came by and thanked me for being on the flight. It was a little weird having 4 flight attendants surround you and start small talk, I’m kinda shy, but it was still a really nice touch!

I don’t see how JAL First Class is not one of the Top 5 in the world. It has to be in the Top 5. I highly recommend you put this flight on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed!

Has anybody else flown JAL First Class before? Are you planning on flying it in the future?

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